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Birthdate:Sep 2
Location:Coventry, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Fangirl. 20. Pervy. Music Whore. Fandom Whore. Will Draw Porn In Paint For Anything Money.

TO be COntinued when I can be arsed.

"These people own my soul" QUOTED BY MYSELF LMAOOOOO. Pretty little banner made by ME!

SpiderAdama represents, YO! This man can dance, he can boogie all because he is LIMBAH! Thanks to [profile] angiescully for her ossum vocabulary.

All my Icons found at [profile] cylonish


Original layout codes by [profile] reversescollide and [profile] hikaru__sama
Header thanks muchly to [personal profile] foxestacado
X-Files Themed mood by [personal profile] foxestacado
BSG Animated Mood Theme by [personal profile] schmiss I change between the two frequently.
Laura Roslin moodtheme made by [profile] multicolour @ [community profile] picon
Much love to the wonderful and creative people ♥
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