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Ok, so, BSG didn't end so this meant we had to make LOTS OF PRETTY ICONS. *nods* (and go around laughing like Tigh...seriously, don't ask) MARY ICONS FTW! :D

We is currently residing in Denial Land, where the grass is green, the clouds are fluffy and a certain ship is off in the corner having lots of sex. DENIAL. WE LOVE IT.

BIG ASS ICON BATTLE BETWEEN ME AND [livejournal.com profile] angiescully


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8x BSG 4x12 icons
12x BSG 4x14 icons
1x SpiderAdama icon.

There will be spoilers!!


Here @ [profile] cylonish 
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Cus I don't feel like posting, I decided graphics would do.

13-The X-files IWTB
43-The X-Files Various Seasons.


Here @ [livejournal.com profile] cylonish 
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Just because it was about time ;) AND THE BSG ICONS ARE THE MINI SERIES AND SEASON ONE ONLY ;)

21 BSG (Mini & Season 1)
03 Mary McDonnell
34 The X-Files (Various Seasons)


the rest here @ [livejournal.com profile] cylonish 
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Well, a lot of these are old, a few of them I've made over the past two weeks through boredom lol so enjoy!

31 x X-Files icons
37 x Battlestar Galactica and cast (Mary and Eddie)
15 x Dr Who and cast (David)
3 x Pinky and the Brain
3 x Hermione Granger


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I have finally got around to posting these. They are of various seasons because I got bored of just season 7. I like too many episodes and would have iconed hundreds if I had chance. But, I don't have the time. Some of these are old, some of them are new, some of them are experiements, some of them are blue lol I was also going to post BSG icons, but I haven't made enough.


48 x X-Files icons


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I haven't really made a sufficient amount to actually post other fandoms. So, this will be my first BSG only icons post :D and not the last I daresay :) There was a bit of experimentation in this post so be nice ;)

so 40 x BSG icons (various promos/episodes)


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OMG I didn't realise I had so many unposted icons lol IN this post is well over 200 icons. A lot of them are random ones from icontests, apart from the BSG, a few House ones and Harry Potter ones. Enjoy.

35 x Battlestar Gallactica S1 EP1 and various.
55 x Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Part 1
88 x X-Files, Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny
39 x House
31 x Heroes & cast
16 x Dr Who/ David Tennant
29 x Sarah Michelle Gellar
08 x Jodie Foster

If you are going to take please credit and comment.
Please do not hotlink or make out as if they are your own.
Plain icons are not bases,. So don't add to them.

If you are interested in high quality House and Xf icons then there is a new comm called [profile] cane_phenomena and is currently looking for new members and watchers. If you're interested then follow the link and a world full of prettiful iconage awaits you :)

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It's about time I hear you say? Indeed. lol I like a few, I'm not sure about others but hey, I got them done :D
It was meant to be 96 season 6&7 icons...but by the time I had made over 50 icons, I realised all I had done was season 6...so now that's all it is hehe. Season 7 here I come ;)

So here they are :)

96 x X-Files Season 6 Icons.


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:) I made a few more, not many. So this is just all of them in bulk. F-List get to looky first :D

Harry Potter OOtP (may be spoilery but I doubt it) x 62
House 3:16 x 40
Stock x 26 



Jul. 8th, 2007 07:16 pm
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[80] X-Files Icons (mainly Season 1)


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House M.D Icons (S3 ep11) x 39
X-Files (various Season4) x 50
Dr Who (s3 ep 7) x 33
Heroes (S1 Ep1) x 7
Heroes (s1ep2) x 41
Heroes Promos x 30
Milo V x 4

Total = 204!!!!


Comment if taking
credit if taking
no hotlinking
follow icon taking rules :)

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51 x Heroes Icons (s1ep1)
4 x Text Icons


Icons :D

May. 13th, 2007 01:02 am
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84 x House Icons (2x24)



Bang Bang )
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45 x The X-Files Icons (Demons) 
53 x House M.D Icons (Three Stories)
22 x The X-Files Icons (Various)
33 x Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny Icons
11 x Stock Icons 
12x Buffy/Other Icons


Serious, Fandoms make you crazy :D )
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56x Dr Who Icons (3x03-Gridlock)

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74x 3x18 (Airbourne)
8x 3x15 (Half-Wit)


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House Icons and a banner  for [profile] shipperlovexXx------Comment if taking, oh and if you like then comment too *nods* comments are love.
XxX------No hotlinking :)
xXx-------No editing, and just because I don't like text and text doesn't like me, doesn't mean you get to add your own text :)
XxX------Did I miss anything? Just be nice and follow the icon taking rules ok :)
xXx-------Credit [personal profile] splodge04 

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Yeah :)
There are 30 Icons of Dr Who
There are 2 Icons of David Tennant :) (even though he is in the vast majority of the others :D) 

Mehh Icons

Apr. 1st, 2007 12:25 pm
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Well, I have no Idea what went on with this Icon batch but hey lol I made Icons. 

X-Files Icons
To be more exact "A Field where I died Icons"

41 x A Field where I died Icons


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