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OMG, you guys, I just watched Resurrection Ship Pt 1 and nearly bawled my little heart out. The scene
between Laura and Bill is both heartbreaking and warming at the same time. There is so much visible, there, to me, as a shipper, that I just couldn't help but get all teary eyed and fuzzy. You know what I'm on about, right?

I bring you Resurrection Ship Pt 1 PICSPAM and thoughts behind this cut right underneath here :D

"I have good days and bad days, but don't look so worried, I'm not dying today."

"What's gotten into you? You've become so bloody minded" (ZOMG, I love this line so much. It's hardcore and it just explains that he's seen the differences with her *heart thuds* and his facial expression is priceless.

Bill looks after his lady *sniffles*

"I know that as long as Cain lives, your survival's at risk, I know that." *swooooooooooons* Looking out for the Commander, I see ;)

"What can I get you?"
"A new body, perhaps one of those young cylon models, from the resurrection ship"
"I can't see you as a blonde"
"You'd be suprised"

They take each others hands. It's such a touching moment. *tears up* HIs face OMG HIS FACE! It's so sad and it frakking breaks my heart when I see it like that. I can't handle it :(

Then, you see the tear roll down his nose and her eyes fill up with tears. Ugh, OMG, I just can't watch this now without tearing up! *sniff*

"She won't hesitate to kill you, don't let her." Bill wipes his eyes, and OMG it's so hard :( SO SO HARD TO WATCH!

From watching this I can see the parallels between this scene and the certain spoilery one that is floating around. You know which one I mean? I'm sure you do ;) There aren't many people on my F-List that haven't seen it! LOL

This scene is sort of personal, the Pres would not let anyone see her in such a state and the fact that she has let him in, when she is at one of her low points is proof that there is something there. Whether it be an undeniable trust between them, a respect, or whatever, it's just so warming to see, even under the circumstances. Also, Bill is a hardened and certainly stoic man, from what we've seen of him in general. But, when we see the points where he is vulnerable, it breaks my heart so much. When you see that tear flow down his nose, and his face crease up slightly, it kills me. Then, Laura sees it and her eyes well up. It's a touching moment and I think many things are said between them with just their eyes, you know? It's such a beautiful scene. Really is.

and yes,[personal profile] brittania noted the evil mistake I made. I swear! I just clicked on the episode and it came on. My dvds lied to me.

One of the many reasons why Battlestar Galactica 2003 OWNS MY FRAKKING SOUL!
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